Do you have a dog, and a small backyard? Many of us at the beach do. The good with the bad right! We were struggling because our lawn was being destroyed by our 2 dogs, but it was the smell that was driving us crazy. It took me 2 days, but I dug out the grass. I back-filled with sand first, and then small stone on top. If you have been struggling with this issue, do it. At first we thought it would be a mistake to get rid of our lawn….we were wrong. No more muddy prints when it rains, and the sand stone mix allows it to drain quickly…….no more smell!!!! I don’t have to mow or weed wack anymore either. Dogs seem happier too. This is more of a life tip than an insurance tip, but it was life changing for us/the dogs. The sand stone mix allows it to drain faster/better, so I guess that is the “insurance lesson” here. If you have pooling issues….this will remedy that too.

Enjoy the day.